mission statement


The John Sinclair Foundation is a non-profit organization based in Detroit and incorporated as The John Sinclair Foundation at 2930 E. Jefferson Avenue, Detroit, Michigan 48207. It is governed by a three-person Board of Directors supported by a twelve-person Steering Committee and assisted by an extensive Advisory Board of colleagues and supporters. The Foundation is aligned with the Sinclair Family Trust which represents the interests of the immediate family of John Sinclair.

The mission of the John Sinclair Foundation is to support the artistic and cultural projects of John Sinclair presently and in perpetuity, to insure the preservation and proper presentation of his creative works, to preserve them for posterity, and to make them available to the public in perpetuity. In the course of my long and productive life as a poet, writer, editor, performer, bandleader, broadcaster, cultural and political activist, artists’ manager, and record, concert and broadcast producer I have a created a massive body of work that spans many genres and decades and exists now only in widely scattered form.

My intention is to deed the entirety of my artistic and intellectual properties to the John Sinclair Foundation so that the Foundation shall hold all copyrights to the poetry, books, recordings, record productions, broadcast programs, performances and my other creative activities in perpetuity. The Foundation will share equally any royalty and advance payments from licensing these copyrights with the designated heirs of John Sinclair represented by the Sinclair Family Trust, the Foundation to receive 50% of any and all revenues, the Trust to receive the other half.

The John Sinclair Foundation is to be governed by a Board of Directors comprising three persons: Beyonce Sinclair, Matty Lee and Adam Brook. The Board of Directors will be supported by a Steering Committee appointed by John Sinclair comprising Christian Greer, Tino Gross, Ben Horner, Robert A. Johnson, Margaret Saadi Kramer, ML Liebler, Jamie Lowell, Dimitri Mugianis, Jerome Poynton, RJ Spangler, Darrell Stavros, and Robert Jr. Whitall. Steve Pratt will serve the Board of Directors and the Steering Committee as Executive Director. Offices for the John Sinclair Foundation are located in the Cannabis Counsel building at 2930 E. Jefferson, Detroit, MI 48207. Resident agent is Matthew Abel, Esq. Attorney Bob Baldori of Okemos, Michigan is of counsel.

The Foundation shall conduct its operations with funds secured through royalties, advances, performance and personal appearance fees, record and book sales, commissions on artworks, donations, gifts, memberships, grants, and other public sources. Expenditures will be made from the Foundation’s bank accounts for expenses associated with on-going and prospective projects undertaken by the Foundation, including facility rentals; building operations and maintenance; establishment and maintenance of an Artist In Residence program and guest living space; staffing and associated costs; insurance; travel costs; grants, fees and honoraria for contributing artists and consultants; and other costs of doing business.