bohemian embassy

John Sinclair reclining at Bilderdijk Straat, Amsterdam, 2014.

The John Sinclair Foundation has plans for a grassroots arts and cultural centre in Amsterdam conceived as a home for international artists and their creative activity and organized as a conscious environment where local and visiting artists and intellectuals, their friends and followers can meet, relax and interact in a warm and sympathetic setting.

The Bohemian Embassy is designed as a place for music lovers, book lovers, and art lovers of diverse tastes and backgrounds to gather, study, and share their cultural insights and experiences. The Bohemian Embassy will also provide a space for chamber concerts, performances, lectures, workshops, classes, discussions, poetry readings, film screenings and other community-based cultural arts activities.

The Bohemian Embassy will also provide broadcasting and recording studio space for our internet radio station, Radio Free Amsterdam, allowing for maximum integration of our two major projects and regular documentation and broadcast of the arts and cultural activities at the Bohemian Embassy.The Bohemian Embassy will dedicate space in the facility for displaying art works, posters and photographs. There will be another space, curated by Cary Loren of BookBeat in Detroit, offering selected books and recordings for on-site use and sale. The venue will also display archival materials from the John Sinclair Archive and other collections.